Thank you for your vote! I am proud to serve on Brookline Town Meeting for Precinct 4.


I have a favorite image of Brookline Village.

It’s 7:15 in the morning. The sidewalks bustle with people from diverse backgrounds. I have walked here with my daughter many times, on her way to school. It's early, but there ​is a spark and energy in the air no matter the season. This is what I love about Brookline.

My family has been living at the crossroads of Brookline Village for the past eight years and at the intersection of everything wonderful Brookline has to offer and all that it can be. 

I am running for Town Meeting to share my passion for our Precinct and my professional expertise leading community and organizational change. My approach to this work is strategic, inclusive, and forward-thinking.

I work with communities that are grappling with challenging issues including advancing new development, creating and preserving affordable housing, ensuring fair housing practices and policies, retaining and attracting businesses, becoming climate resilient, and ensuring a more just and equitable future for all. Currently, I am the Director of Planning and Community Development for the Town of Arlington. I also serve local, state, and national organizations focused on housing and community development policy, climate advocacy, transportation equity, and municipal management.


I have been a member of the Brookline's Housing Advisory Board (HAB) since 2017. The HAB sparked my passion to address issues that matter most for our community, particularly the intersectionality of housing with many other issues: racial equity, transportation, economic justice, and climate resiliency.​ Too many of our neighbors are making impossible choices to afford to live here and we have farther to go for an equitable system.​

Let's work together to chart an equitable path forward for change. Please join me by voting for me on May 4th for Precinct 4.

Testifying at a Congressional hearing on climate resiliency
Leading community housing dialogues
Training leaders to facilitate community development
Assisting communities with managing neighborhood change

Town Meeting serves an important role in our community.

As your Town Meeting Member representing Precinct 4, I bring my passion for Brookline Village. I also share my 25 years of experience professionally working on key issues Brookline is facing: housing, racial equity, transportation, economic stability, and climate resiliency.

Town Meeting approves budgets, laws, policies, and petitions that have an impact on all of us.

As your Town Meeting Member, I can help our community understand the impact of Town spending and cumulative changes to Town bylaws.

Town Meeting makes decisions that affect everything from funding Town departments and programs to solving important development issues.

As your Town Meeting Member, I am positioned to make educated decisions that shape the future of our community.

Representing Precinct 4 at Town Meeting would be a privilege. I treasure our Precinct: its schools, local business community, parks and play spaces, our homes and neighborhoods, walkability and connectivity, and I believe we can thrive together.


If you are seeking a strategic, inclusive, forward-thinking Town Meeting Member, please vote for me on May 4th.


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Thanks for your interest in Raitt for Precinct 4. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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